My Story

I find myself thinking about it more often these days.  Homemade chili bubbling over a stainless steel pot; releasing the sweet smell of paprika, chili powder, garlic, and onions.  I can hear it begging to be placed on top of a fresh, hand-patted burger, cooked to order on a flat top grill.  The sound of my Mama’s voice announcing from the cash register, “two more fries!” The grateful grin my Daddy shoots me when he tells me he needs more burgers on the grill.  The intense heat coming off the grill and deep fryer as I hand the crispy, crinkle cut french fries to my brother to assemble for a to-go order.  I walk along the scuffed black-and-white checkered tile floor, laid by my Daddy’s hands, to fetch more fries from the freezer.  I stall at the freezer because the chill it offers is so much more welcoming than the harsh, hell-fire heat offered by the flat top.  I arrive back at the fryer, pour some fries into the basket, and drop them for frying only to begin the cycle again. I grew up (physically and emotionally) in the restaurant that my Daddy built from the ground up.  I do not take a single second of it for granted.

I attribute my love of food and cooking to my years spent in that restaurant. I have always had a passion for delicious food.  Ever since I was young, food sparked my interest and aroused my emotions.  There is so much pleasure that comes from indulging in a delicious meal, whether prepared in my own home or in a restaurant!

I’m a regular Joe, just like most of you.  I am 28 years old and I have been married to my spectacular husband Grayson for 5 years.  We live outside of Wilmington, NC and are so in love with this area of our state.  Neither of us have any special education in cooking, but we both share the same passion of eating delectable meals and making it an experience.  I’m a self-proclaimed foodie that is excited to share my adventures!