Happy Birthday to me!

I never fail to turn my birthDAY into a birthMONTH celebration.  Any excuse to eat out right?  This year, the festivities did not stretch out over the entire month of July, but were still worth it none-the-less. Trying to decide where to eat dinner with my friends was a difficult decision.  There are SO many… Continue reading Happy Birthday to me!


Lenzie had a little lamb

I have been craving lamb for at least two months now.  There was one particular afternoon I was craving it something awful, but failed to satisfy my taste for it when I couldn’t find it on sale anywhere. I’ve never cooked lamb myself before, and at $20/lb., I was unwilling to risk ruining a perfect cut of meat… Continue reading Lenzie had a little lamb


Comfort Foods

Food comforts the soul. And lots of other things, too! A friend/co-worker of Graysons’s broke his humerus last week…not very humerus, to say the least.  It can be difficult for the whole family if one of them is injured.  Grayson and I decided to make them a comfort food meal. While I supplied a meal, Grayson… Continue reading Comfort Foods


Fried Cat Fish Po’Boy Taco?!

If you haven’t tried Beer Barrio in downtown ILM, you are missing out. BIG TIME. I cannot seem to get enough tacos lately and I credit Beer Barrio for the new found obsession. This post is long overdue, I admit.  But I couldn’t let you all down.  This place is worth a post for sure,… Continue reading Fried Cat Fish Po’Boy Taco?!


Wilmington Food & Wine Festival 2016

The Wilmington Food & Wine Festival held its fourth annual weekend celebration showcasing local restaurants and beverage connoisseurs.  The four day event featured a luxury wine dinner at Manna (check out one of my first reviews here), a Kentucky Derby style Bourbon & BBQ cocktail party, a Bubbles, Brews, & Street Eats Food Truck round-up, and the main… Continue reading Wilmington Food & Wine Festival 2016

Bars & Bottle Shops

This anniversary date still isn’t over <3

…at this point, it was still only 9:30ish!  I was no more ready to go home than I was the first time he asked me!  But lets be honest, he wasn’t ready either.  We were having too much fun 😉 Not too far from where our last adventure ended is another great local bar called Satellite Bar… Continue reading This anniversary date still isn’t over ❤

Bars & Bottle Shops

…it is barely after 7:00 pm!

We finished dinner at Catch pretty early in the evening.  Our reservation was made for 6:00 and we were out a little after 7:00. I’m known to skip lunch on the day we are having a large, special occasion meal like this one. So, I aired on the side of hunger and went with an earlier reservation.… Continue reading …it is barely after 7:00 pm!