Comfort Foods

Food comforts the soul.

And lots of other things, too!

A friend/co-worker of Graysons’s broke his humerus last week…not very humerus, to say the least.  It can be difficult for the whole family if one of them is injured.  Grayson and I decided to make them a comfort food meal. While I supplied a meal, Grayson and his coworkers, on the other hand, supplied some pretty legit bourbon 😉  I’d consider this a comfort food, too.

I made a pretty delish Italian sausage baked rotini pasta for my brother’s bachelor party a few weeks ago.  I didn’t want to show up to his bachelor party empty handed so I…..

am totally kidding. I DID NOT GO to his party…that would be against the law or something?  I did bake the dish for him though and sent it with a friend so they wouldn’t have to eat out the whole weekend.


That dish was a yummy success so I thought it would be a great comfort good!  I got the recipe here.  It calls for ziti, but I used rotini instead and a jar of sauce instead of the jar of tomatoes because…its easier.

When I made it for my brother, I used a pound of spicy Italian sausage and a mild Italian sausage to make it extra meaty and added a little more sauce.  If you aren’t a fan of spice, just use the mild sausage.  You won’t miss out on any of the flavor 😉  I typically choose a jar sauce that is a variety of tomato basil when I’m using a spicy meat because I like the way the sweet basil balances with the spice.

If you noticed in the recipe, Ree recommends tossing your pasta with the cheese mixture before adding sauce.  I personally love this technique because it gets the pasta all coated with cheese.  Once baked, it is super melty and delicious.  Try that if you never have before!

I made Grayson and I personal sized ramekin portions for our dinner and we ate out on the back porch.  I was quite happy with how it turned out and so did G 😉



I also sent along some of my famous salted caramel chocolate chip cookies.  I ate more of the dough than I did actual cookies.  I got threats from G’s coworkers if I didn’t send any to work with him and a couple people texted me basically begging for them.  They truly are one of the most amazing things ever.  They are award winning…the proof is in this post 😉


***Update on these cookies: I baked them this time with the caramel in the middle instead of on top.  Dude…it was awesome***




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