Fried Cat Fish Po’Boy Taco?!

If you haven’t tried Beer Barrio in downtown ILM, you are missing out.


I cannot seem to get enough tacos lately and I credit Beer Barrio for the new found obsession. This post is long overdue, I admit.  But I couldn’t let you all down.  This place is worth a post for sure, even if it is late.

Voted Encore Magazine’s Reader’s Choice for Best New Restaurant in 2016, Beer Barrio did not disappoint this taco fiend in the slightest!  We dined here the Saturday before St. Paddy’s day and somehow missed the memo that ALL of downtown ILM was celebrating that day.  Neither of us wore green…losers…


Our bartender was lots of fun and kept chatting with us throughout our meal.  She recommended I try their signature margarita that they make in-house.  A delicious blend of Jose Cuervo, OJ, triple sec, and freshly squeezed lime juice makes this margaritas one of the best in town.  Not a drop of that icky, way-too-sweet sour mix in this homemade drink.  I promise, you won’t miss it!  What was equally as cool was that it is kept on tap.  You heard me.  Margs on tap.  Count me in.



Sweet Hubs went with old faithful and ordered a Red Oak.  Never fear, as always, delicious here.


Our chips and salsa were  so yummy!  The salsa had a sweet, smokey flavor that was awesome and offset the spicy.  As yummy as that was, I couldn’t resist ordering the chicharones (deep fat-fried pork rinds).  I heard these crispy babies coming from the kitchen before I ever saw them.  They were still poppin’ and cracklin’ as they were set down in front of us.  They were hot out the grease and once dipped into house made ranch, I was in pork skin heaven.  The minute the first one hit my tongue and melted like an ice cream sandwich in the Carolina heat, I was hooked.  The look on my face must’ve given the goodness away big time because Hubs broke out in a huge grin and dug right in.

For my meal, I ordered an Al Pastor Pork Bowl. Al Pastor is a Mexican marinade that is smokey/sweet and has a very heavy chile flavor.  It isn’t spicy, but it is so freakin’ good. Served over lettuce and black beans and topped with pico de gallo, sour cream, and guacamole, this dish did not disappoint.  The pork was crazy tender and started my new obsession with Al Pastor Pork.


Grayson had the Al Pastor taco which showcased the same meat as my bowl but was topped with queso, green salsa, jalapenos, and tortilla strips.  He also got the Local Catfish Po’Boy taco and it was crazy legit too!  Beer battered catfish deep fried and topped with garlic mayo, lettuce and pico de gallo.  I’ll be getting the fried catfish next time!


Until next time 😉



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