Bars & Bottle Shops

This anniversary date still isn’t over <3

…at this point, it was still only 9:30ish!  I was no more ready to go home than I was the first time he asked me!  But lets be honest, he wasn’t ready either.  We were having too much fun 😉

Not too far from where our last adventure ended is another great local bar called Satellite Bar and Lounge.  This is another one of my most favorite places to grab a drink in town.  It has such a cool, eclectic vibe and most of the time they have live music.

This night was no different.  They had a jamming jazz band (whose name I could not remember if my life depended on it and that makes me the saddest) and a local food truck was set up out back.  We sat at the bar and I stared at the epic beer list for ten minutes.  It is huge.  It is also written on numerous chalkboards posted behind the bar.  When the bar tender realized I was struggling, she asked me what kinds of beer I typically like.  I told her I liked brown ales.  That is definitely a new development for me, but I do love them.  The bartender recommended a Nut Brown Ale.  Grayson had the same.  The coolest thing is that they serve their beer in a pretty glass mug.  You know I feel like the absolute coolest drinkin’ out that mug 😛


We relaxed and listened to the band until about half of our beers were gone and the next thing I know, my stomach is growling.  How is that even possible?  We had just a few short hours before devoured a huge, delicious meal at Catch and now I’m hungry?!?! I’m so embarrassed to admit that, but such is life.  Upon looking at my phone, I realized it had been nearly four hours since we had eaten, so I figured it was naturally time to eat again.

I leaned in close to Grayson and told him I was hungry.  He looked at me like I had two heads at first, but then I watched him look past me at the Pepe’s Taco Truck parked out back.  We were thinking the same thing and burst out laughing at our ridiculousness.  We walked out back and proceeded to order something to share.


We got the Al Pastor quesadilla.  Dude…it. was. awesome.  For real!  The meat was super tender and moist and had a delicious flavor.  It had tons of fresh cilantro and was served with a side of sour cream.  This picture just does not do it justice. It was the perfect snack to end a perfect date night celebrating our anniversary.


I’ll be stalking this food truck around Wilmington in the future.  Hopefully at Satellite.



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