Bars & Bottle Shops

…it is barely after 7:00 pm!

We finished dinner at Catch pretty early in the evening.  Our reservation was made for 6:00 and we were out a little after 7:00.

I’m known to skip lunch on the day we are having a large, special occasion meal like this one. So, I aired on the side of hunger and went with an earlier reservation.  When we stepped out of Catch, post-delicious-meal-uncomfortably-full, the sun was barely setting over northern Wilmington.  Grayson gave me a sideways grin and asked if I was ready to go home.  I laughed, knowing all too well it was much to early to turn in, although my full belly was screaming to get out of my skinny jeans.  We hopped in the car and headed toward downtown.

One of our favorite couple friends had told us about a new brewery/bar place located under the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge.  That’s right, I said under.  We had all the time in the world to kill, so I suggested we at least ride by the place to see if it was something we would be interested in.  Man oh man…I’m so glad we did!

Tucked away, nearly right up under the CFM Bridge, the entrance to NH county via Brunswick County, you will find Waterline Brewery Co.  The parking lot held quite a few cars and toward the back corner were a few picnic tables and corn hole boards.  A local food truck was busy cooking away for the patrons inside.  A large sign informed us there was also an art gallery for viewing.  The art gallery sign intrigued me, and before I knew it, my patent leather coral pumps were digging hard into the stone pebble parking lot.  I had to see what was inside!

We walked into the brewery and were quickly welcomed by the owner who was sincerely one of the friendliest people I’ve ever met.  She was brimming with excitement about the details of her brewery and I clung to every word.  Genuine excitement like that is contagious and cannot be dismissed! She explained how the building was once the Jacobi Hardware warehouse and that they were featuring six house brewed beer.  We walked around the large concrete bar and made ourselves comfy at the last two stools on the end. Some super sweet tunes from Chasing Opal filled the air.  The indie/folk vibe they brought created an atmosphere was nothing less than perfect.  Hoping to see them at some of their next upcoming events.

Once we were seated, the owner let us sample each of their beers on tap.  I ended up having the Kolsch, but I would like to say that when I go back, I’ll have the Stout.  Grayson had the Red Ale and enjoyed that.


We hung out for a few minutes before curiosity got the best of me.  Through some doors closest to where we entered the building, I could see the large, shiny, stainless steel vats that were the heart of the brewery.  I asked one of the gentlemen tending bar if we could walk though and he more than encouraged us to.

Beers in hand, we ventured into the brewing room.  It really was a thing a beauty and I’m so glad we didn’t skip that part.  We stood there for a few minutes discussing how pretty the large stainless steel vats were and how cool it is that beer was literally brewing right there in front of us.  On display on a dry erase board was what was currently brewing.


Shortly afterward, we finished our beer and ventured back toward the bar.  Again, my curiosity got the best of me.  I could see across the room there were a few pieces of art on display.  I asked the same bartender if that was the Art Gallery and he encouraged me to go take a look.  There was only a small portion visible from the bar area of the brewery, but we rounded the corner to find a huge art gallery complete with classrooms!  You must browse through when you visit!!

The art gallery conveniently ends back in the bar area.  With nothing else to explore, sweet hubs asked if I was ready to head home.

Not hardly…



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