Baked Blueberry Oatmeal

I ❤ blueberries!

I’ve been on a kick lately of preparing “make-ahead” breakfasts so I can grab and go easily in the morning.  Mornings are rushed enough as it is without trying to make a complicated breakfast on top of it!  Some days I just want to sleep as long as I possibly can!  Those of you who live in Leland feel my pain of dealing with CFM bridge traffic…so any minutes I can save are critical to me getting to work on time.

This recipe is really easy!  Rolled oats,almond milk, cinnamon, all mixed together and left to sit overnight. Then, topped with blueberries and baked!

I got this recipe here.  The original recipe calls for only one tablespoon of cinnamon, but I like cinnamon more than that!  I added an extra tablespoon to the mix and then sprinkled the top with a little more cinnamon and stevia before baking.

The next morning, before I started getting ready for work, I poured the mix into a pan, topped with frozen blueberries, and popped it in the oven!  It was ready by the time I needed to leave for work AND I had breakfast for quite a few days to follow!


I cut it into squares and stored the extras in my fridge and put them in the microwave to reheat before eating.  Super easy and super yummy!




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