I’ve got a fever and the only Rx is more food

(see what I did there with the name of the post…hehehe)

❤ Happy Valentine’s Day my friends! ❤

This is one of my favorite holidays. Grayson is so sweet and always finds a way to surprise me.  He really did surprise me this year and I cannot wait to tell you how…but we will save that for another post!

We typically take a few days to mull over our dinner options for Valentine’s Day.  It really is the perfect excuse to eat out and you know I’m going to jump on the opportunity!  We decided to celebrate on Saturday instead of Sunday.  We made two reservations this year because we just couldn’t decide where to go.  We finally decided two days before so I called and cancelled our other reservation.  I’m sure there was some guy out there sweating because he didn’t have a reservation made for his lady and was relieved when he got the phone call that our second choice had an opening.  Or at least that is what I like to think 😉

You may remember my post a few months ago discussing our dinner at a newish spot in downtown Wilmington and it giving my favorite place in town a run for their money.  For that reason, we decided to revisit what is currently still my most favorite fine dining restaurant in town. (I know what you’re thinking…they can’t ALL be her favorite!  But rest assured, this one really is!)

Rx Restaurant and Bar easily became my favorite spot a few years ago when we first tried it.  A local farm to table southern cuisine restaurant, they have mastered what I call the “one dish wonder.”  I find myself most often impressed by a dish that has a plethora of ingredients mixed and blended together to make a mind blowing meal and ultimate palate quencher.  Rx never disappoints, ever.  Also, since their menu is based on what is both local and fresh, the menu options are constantly changing.  I like that too.  Housed in an old pharmacy, the historic building still showcases the letters “Hall’s Drug Store” on the outside of the building.  Hence the name Rx.  (I used to work as a pharmacy tech so it is slightly nostalgic for me ;))

Our reservation was pretty early this year and I was surprised that we were one of the first three parties in the building.  That did not last long though.  The place was packed shortly after our arrival.

Of course we were running a little late which is always to be expected anytime I wand-curl my hair and do a smokey eye 😉  Grayson dropped me off at the door while he parked the car.  I was seated near one of the windows and was greeted by a girl who would turn out to be one of the best waitresses we have ever had.  Our waitress brought over some water and menus while I waited for my handsome guy.


Once Grayson was inside and seated, we immediately began discussing our cocktail options.  I was excited to show him that one of the specialty drinks for the night was a bourbon and ginger concoction, but I waited to see if he would notice it before I mentioned it.  To no surprise of my own, that was exactly what he ordered.  He upgraded his bourbon selection to the Woodford Reserve Double Oaked.  I ordered the “Love Bug,”  an appropriately named drink for the evening.  Absolute vodka, fresh lime juice, cherries, and simple syrup.  Somewhat sweet but not overwhelmingly so, crisp, and refreshing.  My favorite kinds of drink!  Our waitress described this drink perfectly and said she was a huge fan so I trusted her insight and it did not disappoint.  While we waited on our drinks, we were served biscuits and cornbread.  These sweet morsels are homemade and taste like my grandma made them, no lie.  Served with whipped butter, it is the perfect way to start dinner at this southern cuisine restaurant.



Once our drinks arrived, it was time to discuss dinner options.  We skipped the snack although I do recommend the crispy buffalo pig ears.  Also, their pork belly first is amazingly good!


This night we chose to try the Beef Tartare.  Grayson was a little hesitant because he had never had it before.  I assured him that if he was ever going to try it, Rx was the place to do so.  If you are unfamiliar, beef tartare is raw beef that is finely minced and mixed with herbs and served chilled.  I eat my steak rare anyway so something like this is right up my alley!   This dish was served with a yummy, creamy horseradish sauce that tasted like it was mixed with a little bit of sour cream.  It was not like the overwhelmingly potent horseradish I’m used to and was perfect!   The beef was mixed with small, crunchy croutons which gave it a texture I liked.  I loved it and so did Grayson to my surprise!  It was served in the shape of a heart so you know I just loved that little touch too!

I was really torn on what dinner entree to order.  Our wonderful waitress helped me tremendously.  I could already tell that she and I had similar likes and tastes, so when she recommended the tuna dish, I went for it.  Grayson ordered the shrimp and grits.

The tuna was served rare over a bed of baby carrots, turnips, spinach, radishes, a spicy-ish XO butter, and a sweet onion sauce.  I love tuna and the more rare I can get it the happier I am.  It was perfectly seared on the outside and still quite cool on the inside.  It had a slight Chinese twist due to the XO butter, but it still had that yummy, southern seafood comfort meal feel.

Grayson’s dish did not disappoint either.  We have both had the shrimp and grits here before and its such an easy go-to because it is always so yummy.  I sampled his grits but I was just too excited about my dish to try anything else on his plate!


Lastly, we chose the toffee fig cake dessert and it was super yummy! It may not look all too pretty, but I loved it!  The cake was warm and gooey and drenched in a delicious toffee syrup and topped with vanilla ice cream.  I could’ve licked the bowl!


Our Valentine’s Day was a huge success!  I mentioned earlier that our waitress was one of the best we’ve ever had and I truly mean that.  She was not only very friendly and funny, but very knowledgeable about their menu and offered many different opinions and options when we were not sure what we wanted.  Sometimes it is easy to feel like you are annoying a server with your never-ending questions and indecisiveness, but she never once made me feel that way.  She was happy to help and I could tell she truly enjoyed her job.

We eat out a lot (as you can tell).  To find a place that has exceptional service and amazing food can sometimes be difficult to find.  That is just one more reason why I adore this restaurant.  From the time you hit the door, you are literally treated like family.  It is such a warm, friendly place and you can tell that the staff and managers want you to have a great experience and that they love what they are doing.  Give this local place a try the next time you are looking for a quiet, romantic, fine dining eatery!

**A very special Thank-You to Christina, our waitress, for making our Valentine’s Day Dinner so enjoyable!**



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