Chicken Zoodle Soup

The past few days have been super cold for southeastern NC.  On top of that, I haven’t felt the best in the world and neither has Grayson.  Everyone at work has been sick so it was only a matter of time that I caught the bug and passed it on to him.

I wanted chicken noodle soup.  When I’m sick I always crave either egg drop or chicken noodle soup.  Since I’m trying to eat healthier and cleaner these days, I knew I would need to find some type of substitute for the noodles.  I looked at quite a few recipes and settled on this one.  Lucky me, I had all the ingredients on hand!  One pot dinner without making a trip to the grocery store…SCORE!

My veggie spiralizer came in super handy for this recipe.  It is another one of my favorite kitchen gadgets.  I’ve used it to make all kind of dishes, but zucchini noodles are by far the most commonly made in my kitchen!  If you don’t have one, I highly recommend purchasing one similar to mine.  It has suction cups on the bottom so it doesn’t slide around and comes with three different blades for different noodle widths. I’ve never used the small handheld spiralizers, but I’m convinced they can’t be as simple as this style.  For this recipe, I used the smallest noodle blade, but I think next time I will go with the ribbon size to give it a little more texture.


I pretty much followed the recipe just as the website listed.  It tasted delish!  However, I have to say that I would add some rosemary next time to give it just a little more flavor.  Also, The recipe called for three zucchinis.  I would recommend adding maybe one or two more.  Additionally, the zoodles release a lot of liquid so I would also recommend using only 4 cans of chicken stock.  Of course it depends on how you like your soup.  I prefer lots of noodles!  The noodles break down really easy once you start eating.  You still get a similar texture to real noodles without the carbs.  The flavor is all there though!


I was very pleased overall with this recipe and look forward to making it again soon!



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