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Omaha Steaks!

Grayson and I were struggling to figure out what to get his uncle for Christmas this past year.  I had finished my Christmas shopping a few weeks earlier than he had.  He was starting to panic a little when the light bulb clicked on!

“What do you think about an Omaha Steaks gift basket?” he asked out of the blue.  Excitement flooded me until I realized his real intention.  He laughed and shared the idea of gifting it.  I agreed it would be a wonderful gift!  He ordered it and scheduled delivery for Christmas Eve.

I couldn’t help but be a little bit jealous.  I like steak a lot.  Like, a WHOLE lot. Especially filet!  My mouth was watering just listening to him list the delicious items that our family member would be receiving in their basket.

A few days later when I arrived home, there was a large, brown box sitting opened in the garage.  I got closer to it and recognized the bright red logo in bright red on the side.  I ran up the steps and into the house with excitement!

I burst through the door and asked in excitement, “What is that box outside?!”  “What box?” he asked, seemingly clueless as to what I was speaking of, those blue eyes mischievously avoiding the answer I was so excited to hear.  I jokingly nudged him and he gave in.  “Yes, its ours.  I got us a box to sample.  I wanted to make sure they were good since we are giving them as a gift.”

Great idea, husband of mine…GREAT IDEA!

The gift package he ordered came with 4- 5 oz filets, 4 Burgers, 4 twice baked potatoes, and 4 apple tartlets.

I must admit that we ate the first two of the four steaks a few nights after we got them.  We saved the other two for New Year’s Eve.  Grayson seasoned them with his signature sauce and spice mix.  I was in charge of baking the twice baked potatoes and the apple tartlets.  The directions are on the box and if for some reason they aren’t, you can log onto their website for directions.  The potatoes and apple tartlets are pre-cooked and frozen, so all you have to do is pop them in the oven.  I followed their recommended baking times and temperatures and both items came out perfectly.

Our steaks were accompanied by a bottle of Castle Rock Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon.  Love this wine and it paired nicely with the red meat.


To be frozen steaks, potatoes, and dessert, I was thoroughly impressed with our food.  The steak had great flavor and was very tender!  I eat mine rare and  Grayson did a great job with the temperature.  I must say though; the potatoes were the star of this meal!  I was very surprised by how delicious they were!  Bacon, butter, chives and cheesy goodness all stuffed into a potato skin.  I broiled them a little toward the end so that the top got nice and toasty and added just a little more butter to the top upon removing them from the oven.  Amazing!


Last, but certainly not least, the apple tartlets.  These tiny morsels of deliciousness did no disappoint and they looked really pretty, too!  Basically, they are tiny apple pies that look like a flower.  The way the crust is ornately cut around the top makes it easy to eat and super crisp because each part browns separately.  The ONLY thing that would have made this dessert better is if I had some vanilla ice cream.


We will definitely be ordering Omaha Steaks again!  Highly recommended! I can hardly wait to try the burgers!  Don’t fret…you’ll be the first to know how they are 😉


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