California Benedict in Eastern NC

Mark it in the books because it doesn’t happen often: for once I wasn’t starving!  We arrived to our lunch destination and they were packed out!  Good for them because it is such a yummy restaurant!  No fretting here about the wait!  It is well worth it. If you haven’t tried Eternal Sunshine Cafe, you are missing out!  As their slogan boasts, it really is a “unique eating experience!”

We typically end up here for breakfast/brunch.  I heart brunch!  This is another one of our Sunday-after-church spots.  I meet my girlfriends here on a regular basis to have breakfast and start the day off right.  It is always a good idea to start your day with friends, food, coffee, and giggles!

I’ve always loved Eggs Benedict!  Nothing like forking a poached egg and watching that runny, golden yellow yolk overtake its surroundings.  It looks like delicious yellow lava.

It seems like a lot of places only offer Benedict on the weekends or only have a couple options on the menu.  Eternal Sunshine has eight different ones to choose from, not including if they have one on special for the day.  I’ve tried a few of them and have never been disappointed!

On this day, I went with one of my personal favorites.  I got the California Benedict.  It is a whole wheat English muffin topped with spinach, tomato, avocado, poached egg, and that oh so yummy hollandaise sauce.  I’ve had this one a few times because it never disappoints!  You have your choice of side dish and I chose grits.  I always ask to have pepper-jack cheese added to my grits and top them with Texas Pete because I love the extra little kick!  I will admit that this time my egg was overcooked, which is uncommon for them.  However, the flavor was still there and it was still super yummy!  It truly is one of my favorite dishes there.

Grayson ordered the special and it was over-the-top delicious!  The Kingman’s Omelet was filled with sauteed onions, mushrooms, green peppers, sausage and pepper-jack cheese and then topped with bacon AND hollandaise.  It truly may have been one of the best things I’ve ever eaten there!  It was served with grits and toast.  The veggies on the inside of the omelet still had a little crispness to them, cooked perfectly.  I have to credit Grayson for the idea of adding Texas Pete to grits.  He introduced me to the idea few years ago and I have been obsessed ever since!

Give this awesome spot a try! Open daily for breakfast and lunch, they are a a great eatery!


3 thoughts on “California Benedict in Eastern NC

  1. Hey Lenzie! This sounds like a place we’d love to try but found it interesting their facebook page does not list their location?? How can this be? Or perhaps I am so hungry I have missed the address listed glaringly obvious on their page? Help a sista out!


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