Cinnabon Has Competition

The holidays just do not seem right if my house isn’t filled with yummy baked goods!  The cookies I had from the cookie exchange didn’t last long.  I ate cookies for breakfast and as dessert for lunch and dinner for a few days in a row.  Lucky for me, Grayson’s sweet tooth isn’t rooted as deeply as mine, so I always indulge more than he does.

I can’t seem to escape the goodness.  I walk into work and there is a plethora of options to choose from.  I visit a friend’s house and there are cookies.  I go to the doctor’s office, treats.  After a bit, it seems like everything starts to taste the same.  If not the same, similar.  Not complaining because sugar is GREAT!  However, that is why I have to brag on one treat in particular.


My friend Rachael from Sprinkles On Top baked some of the most delicious cinnamon rolls I have ever tasted.  Seriously, we are talking Cinnabon level of goodness people!  Grayson and I have been fortunate enough to sample many of Rachael’s treats and we are NEVER disappointed.  She definitely has a gift of baking and cooking!  These cinnamon rolls really blew us away though!  She and her family bake a huge batch every year to distribute to friends and family as Christmas gifts.  We were very blessed to be a recipient this year.  Head over to her blog to check out their adventure baking these delicious treats!

In my opinion, what makes these rolls so scrumptious is the maple-coffee icing.  The sweetness of the maple combined with the dark, bold coffee flavor puts these rolls over the top!  Sweet Hubby doesn’t even like coffee and he raved about the icing in particular!  He was so excited about them that he tore into our gift before I could snap pictures!


If you are feeling adventurous, I definitely recommend her recipe!  A year sure is a long time to wait for these treats again…I may just have to try making them myself…maybe 😉



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