Will Skate For Food

Winter clothes are my absolute favorite!  Scarves, gloves, ear warmer headbands, chunky sweaters, leggings and boots are what I live for.  I have three pairs of boots in my amazon shopping cart at the moment (in addition to the other twelve pairs I already own). I haven’t been able to wear my favorite clothes this year because here in NC the temperatures for this time of year have….um…how do I put this….SUCKED!  I can just hear the groaning and grumbling from those of you whom are delighting in the joy of donning your Rainbow flip-flops in the middle of December :P!  I am NOT so happy about it!  IT IS DECEMBER!  There should be at least a slight chill in the air.  Poor Santa is going to sweat to death when he delivers all my presents!

Due to unseasonably high temps (in the upper 70s), I’ve had somewhat of a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit.  To help cheer me up, I had the bright idea that Grayson and I should have a date night at our local ice skating rink.  Wilmington Ice House is located in the Ogden area of Wilmington, NC.  I suggest checking their schedule to see when they offer public skate.

I pulled out my chunkiest sweater and heaviest coat and convinced Grayson to do the same.  We bundled up nice and tight and set off on our adventure!  When we arrived to the ice house, I was surprised by how cold it was in the rink.  I truly think it was because I’ve been so used to the warm weather we’ve been experiencing.  I immediately regretted not bringing my gloves.  I traded in my knee high boots for a sleek pair of black and red skates.

I stepped onto the ice and became immediately aware of my lack of balance and my fear of knocking out all my teeth.  I joked with Grayson that I’d rather break an arm than lose my teeth, but it isn’t really that much of a joke.  It is a pretty true statement and he feels the same way I do!

IMG_3392 (1)

About half-way around the rink on the first lap, Grayson let go of the edge.  I was quite impressed.  I should have known he would be good at it!  He is good at anything he puts his hands on 🙂  I, on the other hand, didn’t let go initially.  By the last lap, I felt a lot more comfortable and trusted myself enough that I did not cling to the rail.  We made a total of four laps around before we decided our legs were too out of shape to carry on.

After our adventure, we were of course starving.  Go figure we had worked up an appetite!?  Where to eat?  I had heard a lot of buzz about a restaurant called Kornerstone Bistro.  I had been there once with some girlfriends for drinks and appetizers, but wanted to give dinner a try.  Tummies grumbling, we headed that way.


Kornerstone Bistro is a Mediterranean cuisine restaurant located in the Porter’s Neck area of Wilmington.  It conveniently is not far from my work, so it makes for a great after-work meeting spot for drinks!  They do 1/2 price wine on Wednesdays…you’re welcome 🙂

Our waiter came over and we each ordered a glass of Cannonball Cabernet and calamari to share as our appetizer.  Loved, loved, LOVED this wine! When our drinks came out, they were accompanied by a loaf of crusty white bread and a pesto based spread.

Our calamari was cooked perfectly.  It oftentimes seems as if calamari is overcooked and chewy, but this was lightly fried and had a very delicate, soft texture.  Also, it had fried banana peppers mixed throughout which gave it nice flavor.  Truthfully, the banana peppers were better than the calamari!  Full of flavor and still crisp! It was served with their marinara sauce and a lemon wedge.

You may have realized by now that I’m a real sucker for specials.  There were many specials that night but the one that nearly jumped off the page at me was a lamb risotto with a red wine sauce.  Sign me up! I’m also a sucker for risotto…and red wine!  The dish was not quite what I was expecting, but was still yummy nonetheless.  I expected lamb lollipops with a mushroom based risotto and a red wine drizzle.  The dish was actually served with small chunks of lamb, tomatoes, and mushrooms with the red wine sauce mixed throughout.  The lamb was very tender and captured the red wine perfectly.


Grayson ordered one of their signature, wood fired pizzas.  He ordered the Supremo and made a great decision!  Tomato sauce, peppers, red onions, pepperoni, sausage, salami, and prosciutto (hold the olives) all on top of fresh homemade dough.  The crust had the perfect amount of crispiness on the outside.   I sincerely hate to admit this, but he ordered the superior dish on this occasion!  Lucky for me, he had two slices left over and we shared them the next day for lunch!


Yay for full tummies!  Grayson asked me if I wanted to head home after dinner and I said I was ready if he was.  He shot me a sideways smile and I knew he had other plans in mind.  He suggested we have “dessert” at one of my most favorite bars in town (future blog post, stay tuned!).  We left the restaurant and our adventure continued…


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