To Garlic or Not-to-Garlic?…That is The Question.

I could quite literally swim in noodles and sauce for the rest of my life and die a happy girl.  If I didn’t know better, I would swear I had Italian running through my veins (blood that is…not marinara :P).

This week was FULL for us every single afternoon…EXCEPT for Tuesday.  Christmas parties galore and my brother got his LPN pin!!  I hadn’t had time to go to the grocery store, so the only thing we had to eat at home was a loaf of bread, pistachios, and a can of green beans.  I’ll review that meal and post my recipe later because it was just to die for and I think you would all love it…just kidding! Gross…

We ended up eating out, as per usual!  Pizzetta’s Pizza and Pasta is a small, local Italian restaurant that I first encountered a few years ago in Wilmington. In case you are wondering, “pizzetta” means “small pizza.” We would eat there quite often once we discovered it.  We introduced my parents to Pizzetta’s and they fell harder in love than we did.  Anytime they would come into town for dinner, we knew where we would be eating.  We became regulars and felt like royalty when the waitstaff and owners recognized us upon our return each time.

SO, imagine our surprise when our waiter told us that Pizzetta’s would be launching a sister store in Leland!?!? CLOSER TO US!  Grayson was sitting across from me and I will never forget how quickly those crystal blue eyes found mine and the expression of excitement on his face that I felt my own face mirror.  I squealed like a six year old on Christmas morning and announced that this was life changing!  You see, I can’t “keep calm,” my motto is more along the lines of “panic and freak out!” (I blame my zodiac sign, I’m a cancer). It’s a small place and everyone in the restaurant shot me a sideways glance…they just didn’t understand!

We receive a very similar greeting at this location upon arrival.  I light up when I see that my favorite waitress are working and there are familiar faces in the kitchen.  We wait by the door next to the “Please Wait to be Seated” sign.  The waitress comes over, says hi, and politely says “I’m so sorry!  There aren’t any high-top tables in the bar at the moment.  Do y’all wanna’ wait for one?” We always choose a particular table and I had already spied another couple sitting in “our spot” so we decided to just sit at a foreign table.  Not home, but still great!

Pizzetta’s II features fresh, classic, homemade Italian dishes, pizza, and desserts.  They have their very own pastry chef.  Situated toward the back of the restaurant is a tall, refrigerated carousel that showcases all the desserts you can choose from.  The counter where the cash register is located also boasts a number of different pizza-by-the-slice options. They typically have a daily dinner special and I’m always a sucker for it.  This night, they had shrimp scampi.  We try hard not to order the same dish so we can sample each other’s, but we couldn’t resist this night.  Two orders of the shrimp scampi please!!

Each meal comes with their famous garlic knots.  These knots are some of my favorite in town.  They are dripping with butter, oil, and minced garlic and are mysteriously not soggy.  You can see in the picture below the chunks of garlic that are left at the bottom of the bowl.  Garlic is another of my favorites, too!  I love how when you bite into the knot you get the sweet, salty crunch of the minced garlic!  Grayson’s daddy gave me some words of wisdom years ago and I actually think about it every time I use garlic or order a dish with it.  He said that if you are on a date, both people either order a garlic dish or neither get a garlic dish because it just isn’t fair for one person to eat garlic and breathe garlic dragon breath all over the other!  Especially if there will be smooching involved!  Even years later and being married, I still think about that comment! It’s good advice and really just a common courtesy, don’t you think?!


Our meals were accompanied by a side salad.  We both ordered ranch although I have to tell you that their creamy Gorgonzola is my absolute favorite.  They make it in house also and it has massive chunks of Gorgonzola in it.  I always get Grayson’s olives because he doesn’t like them…weirdo 😉


I’m not too picky about many things, but shrimp really is one of them.  I prefer to have them slightly under-cooked.  I requested to have them prepared lightly.  Boy did the chef do a perfect job?!  So tender and juicy.  I’d venture to say they were cooked perfectly for my liking.  Also, when shrimp are cooked like they should be, it is always easier to get the tail off!  I didn’t have to struggle at all to remove them!  I always hate when I’m dressed all cute and trying to be fancy then have to fight to remove the tails…the struggle just doesn’t match my outfit!  The garlic, butter, and white wine scampi sauce was so flavorful and had just the perfect amount of saltiness to it.  Also, it would not be complete without just a hint of lemon.  And of course, more minced garlic to top it off.  We both chose to have angel hair noodles although they will make it with whatever noodles you’d like.  I like the delicate texture of the angel hair and it’s fun to twirl noodles on a fork!



We left very pleased with our meal as we always are.  Pizzetta’s never lets us down.  It is consistently delicious and we just love the staff!  If you haven’t tried it, consider it on your next outing!  If you’d like recommendations, feel free to comment below!





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