Fork n Cork…Fridays??

I flew solo the majority of this week.  Hubby was out of town on a business trip and got back late Friday night.  I had awoken from a short nap when I heard the roaring engine of a jet plane flying low right over our neighborhood.  Excitement flooded me as I realized that it was a real possibility that it was Grayson’s plane flying into ILM right over our house! He would be home soon, YAY!  I whispered to our 5 year old labradoodle, Ellie, that Daddy would be home soon and she was quick to share in the enthusiasm!

As if on cue, about 10 minutes later I got the “just landed” text reassuring me that my sir was safely back on land.  I had been so anxiously praying for safe travels all day so the text was quite literally a breath of fresh air!

The next line that flashed across my iPhone screen read “What do you want do do?”  To anyone else, that text could have a plethora of responses (walk the dog, run to the grocery store, check out a movie, stay home and watch our show).  But, for us it had an underlying, coded message that we both understood:” What are we eating?”

There really is no deliberating when we are trying to pick a restaurant if this one particular place is mentioned.  I have to admit that sometimes I purposely bite my tongue  NOT to say it because I know neither one of us have the will power to resist it if we hear the name.  I mean, we can’t possibly eat at one restaurant the rest of our lives…or can we?!

This night I could not keep it from slipping off my tongue.  It rolled off like cold butter on a hot knife, “Fork n Cork!”  By this time Grayson was already home so I was lucky enough to witness the agreeing grin that spread across his face when I said the restaurant-that-shall-not-be-named (Harry Potter fans in the house, can I get an amen!).

We eat at The Fork n Cork almost every single Sunday.  It’s darn near a weekly tradition for us, especially during football season.  We typically sit at the bar so we can stay up to date with the games and our fantasy teams.  Since we wouldn’t be able to make it this coming Sunday, it was a no-brainer that we would eat there off schedule on a Friday.  We loaded up and headed into town!

Fork n Cork is a small, local restaurant in downtown Wilmington, NC.  Their menu consists mainly of burgers and sandwiches but also features supremely banging appetizers such as duck wings, scotch eggs, and rattlesnake bites.  In addition to their scrumptious regular menu, they feature a Burger of the Day, Mac n Cheese of the Day, and a Pot Pie of the Day.  This place is just to freaking die for y’all.  If you don’t trust my opinion quite yet, trust those of the Encore Magazine Best of voters.  The Fork n Cork was voted Best New Restaurant in Wilmington in 2015!

I consider myself very lucky to have been dining at one of our favorites on a night they debuted a new pot pie.  It’s like the stars aligned perfectly for me to try this dish! I quickly decided that this is the best pot pie I’ve had off their menu to date! I ordered the Brunswick Pot Pie with a side salad.  Not what most would consider a traditional Brunswick stew, but SO worth it!  The pot pie featured massive chunks of pork cheek, red & green bell peppers, lima beans, and corn and was topped with a toasty, thick slice of slightly sweet homemade corn bread.  I tasted a hint of red wine when I bit into the pork cheek.  It literally melted in my mouth…I didn’t even need to chew it.  The base of the pie was thick and rich and was perfectly balanced by the sweetness of the corn bread.  Truly the perfect touch to the dish.  This weekend was the first of the winter season that was actually cold enough for a heavy coat so I delighted in a hearty soup-style meal!


Grayson ordered the brisket sandwich with a side salad also.  Their french fries are super yummy, but we both were trying to be semi-healthy since we had stuffed ourselves silly the weekend before celebrating Thanksgiving.  The brisket falls apart in your mouth just like the pork cheek, so juicy and soft and the perfect amount of smokey goodness.  Easily some of the best brisket I’ve had around town!  Topped with pickles, bbq sauce, and red onions, this sandwich will leave you totally satisfied and dreaming sweet brisket dreams.


We were both totally happy with our meals and sat in fat-and-sassy contentment for quite some time discussing the week’s events.  With my hubby home and a belly full of bone-warming brunswick pot pie, I’d say that Fork n Cork Friday was just as much of a success as our typical Sunday outings are!


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